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Asphalt plant

 Cold feeding silo

Bag bearing silo for cold feeding capable of being upgraded from capacity viewpoint
Tape feeder equipped with variable speed gearbox electromotor
Speed controlling system equipped with inverter
Conveyor belt for transferring construction materials equipped with gearbox electromotor

Feeding Belt Conveyor

Conveyor belt equipped with all accessories for feeding cold construction materials into dryer


Double walled dryer
First wall bearing three heating sections including:

1. Feeding Section

2. Convection Section

3. Radiation Section

Second wall made of 1mm thickness galvanized sheet.
2 Belt rings
Fittings for of belt rings expansion
Belt gear
Fittings of belt gear
Cast iron spindle under the belt rings
Idler to prevent dryer’s longitudinal movement
Electromotor and gearbox capable of being connected to multi-cyclone system
aggregate discharge system equipped with changable and anti-abrasion sheets
Construction materials discharge guide equipped with inspection window
dryer steel structure
Dryer structure legs made of carbon steel sheets

Turbojet combustor

Turbojet with 800 kg/h capacity
12,000,000 Kcal. Heat 160 C inside the dryer to eliminate
moisture and thoroughly heat up aggregates
3000 RPM
Fuel capacity: 1000 Kg/h

Multi Cyclone System, Dust collectors

Ducting from dryer to dust collector system
Multi-cyclone with storage silo and inspection opening with 8 cyclones
Vane bearing equipped with gearbox electromotor
Spiral pipe with all belongings
sucker external ducting, vacuum and chimney
vacuum system, with anti-abrasion vane 75 kW power

Hot Aggregate Elevator

Bucket elevator for transfer of hot construction materials from dryer external conductor to the screen with saddles and structure
Elevator dimensions: 65×125 cm made of carbon steel sheets
Lower part of the elevator equipped with tension adjustment system , inspection window.
Top part of elevator equipped with discharge.
Gearbox electromotor with brake.
Pockets made of 3 – 4 mm thickness sheets, double plates in junction points with U bolts.

Filler Bucket Elevator

Elevator, for transferring filler from multi-cyclone to filler storage silo equipped with structure and supports, made of ST 52 steel sheets
The lower part of the elevator equipped with tension adjustment system, and inspection opening
upper part of the elevator equipped with discharge guide
gearbox electromotor with brake
Special lifting chains for bucket elevators with steel grips and U bolts.

Vibrating Screen

Vibrating screen with special cover including:
Screen for aggregates grading (as per workshop sizing and instructions) equipped with greasing and lubricating system
No parts dismounting required.
Cover for preventing heat and dust effusion
Connection to multi-cyclone system
Flap opening for material charging selection

Hot Aggregate Storage

Five hot material storage silos
A guide for oversize and overflow distribution
Four openings for aggregates discharge equipped with pneumatic system for controlling flow.
Fine grain aggregate Thermometer. (optional)
Inspection window and sampling

Filler Storage Silo

Storage silo connected to elevator
Vane bearing valve with gearbox elevator

Materials weighing system

Weighing storage
Discharge valve equipped with pneumatic system for controlling the opening
Electronic weighing system, automatic, with digital displays and four load cells

Filler weighing system

Weighing silo
Discharge valve equipped with pneumatic control system
Electronic weighing system, automatic, with digital displays and four load cells

Bitumen injection Feeder and measurement system

Three-way valves with secondary heating wall with two open and close modes for precise weighing
Discharge valve with pneumatic control system
Double wall counter special for bitumen
300-liter storage container with discharge opening equipped with pneumatic system
Weighing storage heater for warming bitumen using of thermal oil
Electronic weighing system, with digital displays and load cell
Two-walled pipe for transferring bitumen into mixer
Bitumen injection pipe into mixer with relevant nuzzles
Double wall bitumen pump for transferring bitumen to mixer


Twin shaft (Two-axis) mixer with anti-abrasion liners and changeable installed in the inner wall of mixer.
Mixer body made of steel sheets ST 52
Cover for protecting miter against dust
Two main axes together with anti-abrasion arms and toes
Electromotor and gearbox

Asphalt storage system

Asphalt storage silos installed under mixer with capacity of 40 tons
Discharge valve equipped with pneumatic system
Diversion valve with pneumatic system for silo selection

Steel Structure

Beautifully designed, state of the art, for easy installation of plant and easy access to all sections in different floors in times of maintenance
reinforced and resistant to internal and external tensions and the surroundings.
Special design to ensure ease of erection and mounting safely. Connections and joints are bolts and nuts and installed on baseplate

Wet Dust collectors

Equipped with spry nuzzles for impingement water droplets.
Electro pump, 11 kW, 4000 RPM for distribution of water, with relevant valves.
Bearing vertical and horizontal fences and a edge for test and inspection

Bitumen Storage System

Bitumen indirect heating and storage with thermal oil system includes:
A 50000-liter bitumen storage unit
Tubular heating converter, replaceable parts.
Bitumen feeding valve
Discharge valve, double walled, made of galvanized sheet with 1mm thickness
Thermometer mounted on the tank

Oil heater

Oil heater with control valve and oil pump, with capacity of 200000 kcal/ h
Oil expansion tank flow control valve and electric cabinet
Pressure control safety valves and thermostats
Bitumen circulation pump, dual walled, equipped with electromotor
isolated pipes from bitumen tank to mixer and circulating hot oil piping around bitumen transfer pipes.

Air compressor

Piston type
Electromotor power: 30 kW
Storage capacity: 2000 liter
Air pressure: 10 bar/g
electrical valve for controlling air pressure

Electric board

Main electric cabinet for startup of all sections
control circuits for controlling the system automatically in automatic, semiautomatic & manual mode

Weighing System

Digital System with three displays for aggregates, filler and bitumen weighing
Simultaneous start capability
Up to 20 workshop composition saving.
Automatic computation of overflow for precise weighing
Memory for storing total weight.
providing an overall report of consumed materials (aggregates, fillers and bitumen)

Control room

Isolated control room with uniquie design and good access.
Air-conditioning system.
Appropriate illumination system
Proper lighting.